Our Finance Option

We offer up to 12 interest free repayments on our goods, payable over no more than 12 months. The goods are yours and this is not a hire purchase. The agreement is between ourselves (the lender) and you (the borrower).

There are no charges for this service and there is no interest charged on any of our goods.

Following the FCA and Government exemptions for instalment credit, our service falls within these exemptions, and the credit is therefore unregulated.

The FCA and Government exemptions are as follows (taken from the FCA website):

A credit agreement will be exempt if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • it is repayable by no more than 12 instalments (eg monthly), within no more than 12 months
  • it is a borrower-lender-supplier agreement (ie it finances the acquisition of specific goods or services)
  • it is for a fixed amount
  • it involves no charges or interest (eg there can be no admin fee) or is secured on land. It is not:
    • an agreement financing the purchase of land
    • a conditional sale or HP agreement, or
    • a pawn agreement

Further information can be found at the FCA website.