About Us

MK Choices CIC is a Co-operative and Community Interest Company (CIC) looking to reduce social inequality by providing people with low cost household appliances, furniture, sofas and baby items. We offer everyone interest free weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly repayments on all of our goods. We don't carryout credit checks and people don't need to have a good credit rating, we just ensure that they can afford the repayments, which are no more than 12 months. We are open to everyone, whether they are employed, unemployed, self-employed or retired. We are wanting to reduce the need for high-cost rent to buy stores, pay day lenders and loan sharks.

As well as providing high quality, affordable household appliances, both hard and soft furniture and baby items, we also aim to help the community and individuals in need.

Anyone and everyone can purchase goods, or take out finance, from our website across the UK, or our local stores. 

The Founders and Directors of MK Choices CIC, Matt and Kirsty (now you know where the name comes from) wanted to give people across the UK a greater choice of household appliances and furniture. They wanted people to be able to access affordable, high quality goods from one place. They also wanted to help those who struggle to find the full amount of cash to pay for the item upfront, a cheaper alternative to pay day lenders, loan sharks and high street rent-to-buy stores, but still allow them to have access to the same affordable, high quality goods. What better way to do that than by setting up a Community Interest Company (CIC). Matt and Kirsty also wanted everyone else to get involved and help shape MK Choices CIC, so they set it up as a Co-operative. That meant that not only could they help the community, but everyone could get involved too.

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