MK Choices Finance Option

Finance Options

We offer 12 interest free repayments over 12 month on our goods.

You can apply online at the following link:


MK Choices CIC are offering 0% APR and no extra charges for using our finance options. We don't carryout credit checks, we just ensure you can financially afford to make the repayments for the good(s) that you purchase. Our repayment plans are open to everyone, whether you are on benefits or in employment.

  • Up to 12 monthly affordable repayments
  • Spread the cost of our products
  • Convenient, safe and hassle free
  • Repay early, in full, without charges
  • No extra cost for this service or products
  • Safe and secure payments

You can purchase our goods with simple and affordable repayments. Currently, we are offering up to 12 weekly or monthly repayments.

Finance options examples (for illustrative purposes only and not guaranteed):

Product Cost Repayment Length  Repayment Frequency Repayment Amount Total Payable
£199 12 Months Monthly £16.59 £199
£399 12 Weeks Weekly £33.25 £399
£150 4 Weeks Weekly £37.50 £150
£249 9 Months Monthly £27.67 £249
£899 12 Months Monthly £74.92 £899


Please complete the application at the link above, and member of staff will get back to you shortly.


Finance options are at 0% APR and no extra charges. Finance is only provided after a full affordability check has been carried out on each individual application.  To take out finance an application for finance must be completed and a credit agreement signed. You must keep up with repayments or debt collection action will be taken, costs which the borrower will be required to pay. Maximum of 12 payments over a maximum of 12 months. No charges are applied to any goods for this service. You own the goods from the date of purchase and are agreeing to repay for the item over the specified repayments. Recurring card payments/Direct debit are required to repay for the goods. First payment must be made before item is ordered.  A credit check may be carried out should a third party be used to supply any finance or if decided on an individual applicants basis. Credit options are under the government exemptions for instalment credits and does not require a consumer credit licence if these exceptions are followed. The finance is unregulated.  Further information can be found on the FCA website. Should you wish to cancel your agreement, the goods must be returned in full working, as new, resellable condition. You have the right to at anytime by notifying us, but must return the item before cancellation is complete.